In 1984 Swiss shepherd Bruno Manser trekked through the virgin rainforests of Borneo to live among the jungle’s last nomads. In six years among the Penan people, Manser witnessed the wholesale destruction of one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems through rapid deforestation. He swore to do everything he could to stop it.

Manser’s globetrotting campaign brought the world’s attention to tropical deforestation. It also made him an enemy of Asia’s timber barons. In 2000 he disappeared without a trace.
Ruedi Suter’s engrossing biography – the first in English – charts Manser’s extraordinary journey from a young man who sought to escape civilization for the peace of the jungle to a campaigner who would stand up to oligarchs, lead protests around the globe, and, ultimately, give his life for the forests that he loved. 
Ruedi Suter: Rainforest Hero. The Life and Death of Bruno Manser. Bergli Books Verlag, Basel 2015. 330 Seiten, 58 Abbildungen, davon 48 in Farbe. Broschiert. CHF. 29.90 / EUR (D) 24.90 / EUR (A) 25.90 ISBN 978-3-905252-77-4